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Is DHA Organic?

SunFX has been formulating and producing solutions across the world for a class leading 15 years. Our aim is to continue to provide the best possible natural based solutions on the market.

But while we have these amazing solutions which are really the best in the world, why don’t we have an Organic solution like other manufacturers? The answer is found when you are prepared to dig a little deeper.

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) the most widely used active ingredient in Spray Tanning today is manufactured from various natural sources including sugar beet and even rape seed. Many companies claim to offer 100% Organic DHA and/or ECO-CERT Certification.

SunFX DHA does have an ECO-CERT Certification, but clearly states this is NOT an Organic Certificate.  Since DHA is derived from a natural biological fermentation process, it CANNOT be deemed Organic.


SunFX DHA comes from the largest supplier of DHA in the world, this company cannot supply our company (or any others) with a Certified Organic Certificate. 


The confusion with our competitors is that they use the ECO-CERT Certification as being Organic – which it CLEARLY IS NOT. 


SunFX chooses to call ourselves ALL NATURAL compared to ORGANIC as we felt this would be misleading for all concerned.  We hope that you agree with the stance SunFX adopts that, in our eyes, it would not be right in making claims that are not right or that would give the public perhaps a false sense of receiving something that they in fact cant get.

Straight from Mother Nature herself....

At a time where our skin is exposed to an ever increasing number of harmful chemicals and artificial additives, SunFX has worked tirelessly to ensure our products remain pure and nourishing to your delicate skin.

For over 15 years we have set the industry standards by creating tanning solutions that contain no nasty substances.  These include:

  • No alcohols

  • No artificial preservatives

  • No mineral oils

  • No artificial perfumes

  • No parabens

  • No smelly odours

The Secret to a Perfect Tan.....

The secret to a perfect sunless tan lies in our advanced formulas. We start by combining purified water (fluoride, chlorine, and nasties are removed), natural and hyper allergenic bronzers, and skin saving botanicals like Organic Aloe Vera, Organic green tea, and Natural coconut derivatives. These are combined with the purest DHA available. DHA or Dihydroxyacetone,  is a an all-natural approved DHA that reacts with amino acids in the upper skin layers to produce a deep, rich, and completely natural looking tan.

SunFX continues to source only the purest DHA for our tanning solutions, guaranteeing the most natural looking tan and the best overall results. Our solutions have no unpleasant odours, and don’t require perfumes or other masking agents, often found in other brands. We understand that mother nature has already provided the perfect ingredients – we have simply combined them to create the finest quality tanning solutions in the world.

SunFX Solutions are not tested on animals, are vegan friendly, nut & gluten free.

Is DHA Organic?
Is DHA Organic?
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