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Here's what our customers have to say....

“Where do I begin…when I first came across SunFX I knew I’d love it being that they are Aussie found & made. The aroma, the natural golden tones & long lasting performance has made me a huge supporter of the brand. My “go to” product on set is WHITEOUT this is a life saver for my talent that shows up not so bronze.”
Michelle Q Beauty –

The system and product are both wonderful! I absolutely love the system! It’s such a smooth accurate tan, and it uses about half of the solution that I was having to use with my other system. The rapid solution is outstanding as well! It gave me an even natural looking tan, and it was not orange at all. Even now, a week later, my tan is still holding on. It’s starting to fade, but the fading is not blotchy. I’m very satisfied with choosing to purchase the SunFX products.

Thank you & Nick so much!

Janee’ Ratcliff – The Final Touch – 

Being a retailer, I deal with many Vendors in my day to day operations.  SunFx America consistently goes above and beyond any expectations that I have for Support on product, training, and business development.  I know I can count on them to have my best interest in mind at all times.

-Casidee – Seattle Sun Tan, October 2015 

After doing extensive research I chose the Sunfx tanning system for several reasons. First off the customer service I received when inquiring about the product was both informative and pleasant. They went above and beyond my expectations, every question I had was answered promptly, by not just an employee but by the owner. After having used the product for several months, EVERY client has been pleased with the results from the Sunfx tanning solutions. We have been able to deliver beautiful tans on every skin tone, without looking orange. The sprayer is revolutionary in its design, it delivers a flawless even coverage and is very easy to use. Adding Sunfx to your business is definitely a must in Spray tanning!!

-Up Close Skin Care, Jeri Cabrera, Arizona, 

“I started performing spray tans using this product & let me tell you….IT IS THE BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET!!!! I have had several customers who have had custom spray tans before…when they used me I get the same exact responses!! How they look more natural, how it goes on a lot better, how much more longer it lasts, & when it does start to fade it fades smoothly…not blotchy! Now, I am getting calls already in January! I have to mention without devulging too much information, my daughter is associated with America’s pageant system. I sprayed tanned not only her but several of the contestants….THEY LOVED my spray tan over any of the others they had before! Defintiely the system & solution to go with!!! It is also just about fool proof when using it too! Just an AWESOME product!!!”

-Kim Barnes

The best!!! I’m truly amazed by this gradual self tanning cream.


“True story: While half asleep, my sweetie drank a HUGE glass of #3 original tanning solution out of my refrigerator. NOTHING, and I mean nothing, happened. If you didn’t believe this stuff was non-toxic before, my story should clear that up for ya’!! (thanks guys!)”

-Maureen, 2012

“I’ve been Spraying clients with SunFX for almost a year now and I’m HOOKED. I love the products, the solutions are amazing and my clients love them too! Your customer service is always so great and friendly when I place my orders! Thanks SunFX!”

-Airbrush Tans Heather, 

“SunFX America is an incredible company with top notch products. We own the Tan Bar – providing only custom airbrush spray tans. Selecting the best products was a must to ensure our success. We started our business in 2010, and began researching for the best all natural/organic solutions. We soon found SunFX America, and immediately we knew that we chose the right vendor.  In the last 5 years, we have not only purchased solutions, but also purchased both the Pro Towers and the Pro Mini Systems. The solutions are reliable, consistent and provide a beautiful end result. The equipment provides an excellent even coat, easy to use and durable. We are still using the original towers we purchased 5 years ago, and have added new machines as we continue to grow and open more locations. Unlike any other airbrush spray guns on the market, the SunFX spray guns are easy to keep clean – you do not have to take them apart and replace parts constantly.  More so than anything else, the customer service provided (then and now) well exceeds our expectations. SunFX  are very quick to respond to any issues, questions, concerns, and general information. They are always there for you, extremely understanding, helpful and truly go above and beyond to ensure their clients are happy and taken care of. Thank you SunFX!”

–Leslie Lopez and Terry Ehrle, Co-Owners, The Tan Bar,

What our students have to say: 

"Thanks to you for teaching such a wonderful class, I definitely learned a lot from you, you were very helpful and explained everything with care, kindness, and your patience was very much appreciated.  I am so glad that I took this class with SunFX, and feel so much more confident in understanding the concept behind spray tanning"  Maria T.  Grande Prairie, AB

"Great class, I feel confident and am excited about my new Spray Tan business"  Kara G. AB

"Thanks for the great class, very informative" Deb L, AB

"We covered so much information, I was surprised at how much I learned, technique instruction was so informative and I feel ready to start my mobile business" Ashley B, AB

"Most helpful and informative class, I'm am so glad I decided to take this class and I love my equipment"  Jennifer D, BC

"I just wanted to say how great today was!  really enjoyed our tie and learning together and thank you for your expertise Leigh!  I really look forward to working together with you ladies.  And feedback on my tan... wow!  I left it on until 6:30 tonight and then had a quick bath to wash off.  My tan is even, natural and wow I am just loving the color and how natural it looks.  I am BEYOND THRILLED!  .  SunFX is a legit amazing product that I am happy and proud to use."  Ashleigh F, AB

Russell Corpis

Russell Corpis

Caribbean Chocolat

Mid Summer

Lindsay Pinnsonault

Lindsay Pinnsonault

Caribbean Chocolat

Mid Summer

Mona Kinand

Mona Kinand 


Mid Summer

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