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SunFX Solution Guide

Step 1– Assess the skin tone & then select the style of bronzer:

  • Original or Rapid Tan– Classic sun kissed bronzed tone

  • Caribbean Chocolate or Caribbean Rapid- Straight off the beach warm glow

  • Violet Royal- Designed for a deeper base and those with a yellow based skin tone

  • Mocha Xpress- A warm blend designed for skin types 3 and above


Step 2 – Select strength

  • Light Summer – popular for first time tanners, fair skin multiple application techniques

  • Mid Summer – A good one size fits all. Popular for those with some DHA-tanning experience

  • Dark Summer-  Popular for experienced technicians, olive or dark tones & those wanting max color

  • Ultra Dark/Showtime & Showdown- designed for competition color, rapid tan and those that can absorb high %DHA

Step 3 - Select Standard or Rapid rinse solution

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